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Mechanical Rapid Cover


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We make your smartphone exciting by creating High Protective Mechanical Covers. 


You can now keep your smartphone with your keys, drop paint on top and be careless, Blinkshield will keep your smartphone in perfect condition.

Increased Privacy

Cover both of your cameras while not in use to avoid privacy intrusions .

Stay Focused

Reduce the habit of continuous and uninterrupted use of your smartphone.

Increase / Reduce

Control and Activate Siri

For iPhone XR

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Protection while you Work

Its about keeping your smartphone safe while you are focusing on getting things done.

Ready for accessories

Equipped with a DSLR Compatible back nut,  14/20 UNC thread

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Blinkshield original Back Wallet

For your Every Day carry Essentials, Space for 2 cards and money, includes the Belt clip with bottle opener.

The way it opens stands above all

Blinkshield is the first Mechanical cover.

Yes, we have based our design in the old phones from the end of the Century, You needed to physically move parts to use it, and that is exactly what we loved about them.

About the store

Blinkshield for iPhone XR is ready for shipment, iPhone 8,9,SE (2020 2022) are in production. We also have ready to go accessories and several under development, please join our referral program in you are interested in testing our accessories.