Ready for Action

Full protection, No distractions, Increased Privacy,
Access your smartphone in a Blink.
Installs in seconds.
Available for iPhone XR.

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Blinkshield user Experience.

Right out of the box:  Opening Speed, Action Button Hardness that needs to be firmly pressed for opening, safety system to secure your phone, Closed Stiffness and maximum reliability.

Blinkshield original Wallet & Beltclip

Carries two cards and some money, its a every day essential.
Includes the Belt clip / bottle opener. Compatible only with the Blinkshield cover.

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Not just another cover

Inspired by the Japanese Bento box and all the products that followed, We had designed the Blinkshield following it´s  minimal  clean lines.

The design is intentionally crafted to keep your smartphone closed at all times except during usage, and at the same times it provides access to your data at lightning speed,


Shipping cost U$D 4,95  with Tracking, to the US, other locations price may vary.