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Frequently Ask Questions 

                1.When it will be available for the rest of the phones ?
                     We already have the design for Iphone 8,9 SE, SE2 the rest of the
                     phones will follow, also for Samsung and other Brands.

                2.What countries do you deliver to ?
                     We deliver World Wide with no exceptions.

                3. What happens if my units does not work ?
                     We will replace your Blinkshield with another unit.

                4. Does liquids gets inside the Blinkshield ?
                    If you submerge it, it will go inside, if you splash it will hold the liquids.

                5. Can I use a wireless Charger ?
                   We have tested it and from the back it doesn´t work.

                6. How long does the Warranty Last ?
                     As long as your phone lives we will deliver you spare parts.

                7. What do I do if my Blinkshield does not arrive in perfect condition?.
                     We will send you another one.